Animation has evolved alongside technology. With each evolution, a new approach to animation emerges. Your camper will learn various animation skills and create a short animation that adheres to industry standards. They’ll come out of the workshop learning the principles of animation needed to bring any character to life.

Game Development

What’s a game without a level to play in? Your camper will spend the week planning, designing and building a custom level for a game that they can play and share by the week’s end. If they stay on for another week, they’ll design a level for a whole new genre and a whole new game.


The world’s a stage; films are what capture it for people to see. Campers will work together as a full on production team, spending the week learning the fundamentals of filmmaking to develop an idea, then shoot and edit a collection of videos. They’ll be on their way to producing their own films in no time.


The Robots are coming! One of them may very well belong to your camper. They’ll learn to not just build a robot, but to conceive it, program it, and design it to complete a multitude of tasks and actions. The possibilities with robots are limitless.

3D Modeling

3D is everywhere — games, movies, cartoons and more. 3D Models don’t start life fully realized; they require a certain set of skills to create, sculpt and paint them. Your camper will develop and strengthen these skills, using industry standard software and tools to create 3D models that can rival what they see on screen.


Your camper will learn to work with both artificial and natural light to take photographs in varying styles and genres. But just taking the photos isn’t enough, they’ll learn to use editing software to turn their photos into truly incredible images that are ready to share with the world.


Any budding musician can work with sound and create music with just a keyboard and computer. Your camper will learn the ins and outs of sound design and creating music to have their very own tracks produced and ready for listening.


Programming languages can be found just about everywhere on the internet. They’re used to run websites, build games and interactive tools for anything and everyone. Your camper will spend the week learning to code and applying their newfound knowledge to create things. And that’s just the beginning…


Ready to learn how to draw like a pro? Using industry-standard tools and software, your camper will spend the week learning what it takes to develop and create illustrations from their imagination.

Graphic Design

Design is found across print and digital media. Your camper will spend the week learning the ins and outs of graphic design. They’ll learn to use industry-standard tools to create contemporary designs that can later be produced on physical products.